This picture is of Lady GaGa sporting her "Born This Way Jacket." as seen.. HERE. (Born This Way FIRST photo)

This is an official picture from .. possibly the OLD born this way photoshoot. It was confirmed false after they began shooting the revised Born This Way pictures. There is a possibility they will do something similar to this though..

There is no BORN THIS WAY-Lady GaGa on this picture. This is the official single for born this way. The cover can be found HERE

Just something cool Jack found (: Its suppoused to be a .gif, but it turned out to be just a still. Enjoy (:

I got an email from a friend of mine with this. This is just an alternative THE FAME cover. It is also a unseen picture from the THE FAME photoshoot.

So we dont cause any commotion. THIS IS GAGA. This is her. She has alot of makeup on her cheeks and her cheekbones. This was the photoshoot before they revised it and planned to restart the photoshoot.

Official Judas Single Cover?
You decide.

Born This Way Original Edition Cover. LP

Born This Way Special Edition Cover. LP.

Born This Way Photoshoot, and the promo picture for Judas

Promo picture for Edge Of Glory.

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